Rinjani 4 Days 3 Nights from Sembalun

Hiking Mt Rinjani Package 2 Days 1 Nights start climb from Sembalun Lawang, Lombok Island Indonesia

This ascent of Mount Rinjani 2 days 1 night not including accommodation on the first day before the hike in the morning, Please arrange your accommodation, because we will start hiking in the morning at 6 am from your lobby hotels, to reach under foot of Mount Rinjani or National Park of Mount Rinjani area, you will depart early with our transport from your hotel, because we will be driving to under foot of Mount Rinjani takes 2 and a half hours.

Outline Itinerary trekking Mount Rinjani package 2 Days 1 Nights via Sembalun Lawang:

Day 1: Your Hotel - Sembalun Lawang - night at Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) Day 2: Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) – Summit Mount Rinjani - back to Sembalun Lawang - Mataram OR Senggigi.

Trekking Mileage:

Start from Sembalun Lawang trekking up to Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim an altitude 2639m approx 7 hours Start Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim an altitude 2639m to go Summit Mount Rinjani approx 3 hours Start Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim an altitude 2639m descending to Sembalun Lawang approx 6 hours From Sembalun Lawang drive to Mataram OR Senggigi approx 2 and half hours

The Itinerary Hiking and Trekking Mt. Rinjani Package 2 Days 1 Nights, start climb from Sembalun Lawang as follow:

Day 1: Your Hotel - Sembalun Lawang - night at Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) 
Meeting at your hotel in lobby at 06.00am, on the shuttle from your hotel towards Sembalun Lawang village driving approximately 2 and half hours. Arrive at Sembalun Lawang then register at (Rinjani Trek Centre) just a few meters from your hotel, walking approximately two hours we arrived at the post I and rest for a few minutes later on the way to Savanah Grass Tall at Post 3. Arrived around 13:00 pm, was in post 3, preparatory to cook for lunch which was presented by our guide and porter. 14:00 pm: after lunch we are dealing with a fairly high hill, about three hours of climbing we had reached the Plawangan Sembalun with 2639 meters altitude. at 16:00, or 17:00 in the afternoon has arrived in the mid-body Plawangan Sembalun Mount Rinjani with altitude 2639 meter, we are in aid of porters set up tents and prepare dinner from our guide cuisine, and the next night, see click its location 


Savannas Sembalun Lawang regions of Mount Rinjani

Sembalun Lawang regions, the gate to the top of Mount Rinjani climb from the East. Sprawling savanna until approaching to the post 3 (approximately 6 km). A morning view of the stunning scenery.

Your guide and porter have brought camera as your memories at Sembalun Lawang Village Mount Rinjani here and please visit again photo galleries of all our guests at the facebook page during a hike on Mount Rinjani at www.facebook.com/climbingrinjani/

Sembalun Lawang is a small village located on the north foot of Mount Rinjani. Beautiful small village at an altitude of approximately 1.156 meters is presenting a beautiful natural scenery as well as one of the popular starting point point of climbing to Mount Rinjani (3726 m above sea level). In addition to Sembalun Lawang Village, Senaru Village is another gateway to reach the splendor of Mount Rinjani located on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. The cool Sembalun Lawang village is a favorite as a starting point for climbing as it makes the climbers save energy and time to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani. On the way to this village for approximately 4 hours from Mataram city, you will be presented with scenic green scenery set against the majestic Mount Rinjani. All our team of coordinators, guides and porters come from the local community of Sembalun Lawang


If you want to follow the schedule that we provide, please click Trekking Mt. Rinjani Package 3 Days 2 Nights start trekking from Sembalun Lawang, including pick-up from Airport of Lombok as well as accommodation is provided in the National Park of Mount Rinjani before starting to hike in the morning, so the activity of hiking over on Mount Rinjani into 2 days 1 night.


The above prices hiking mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 nights on pay person as follow:
2 - 3 Participant = US$ 232 per person
4 - 6 Participant = US$ 229 per person
7 - 10 Participant = US$ 227 per person
11 - 15 Participant and up = US$ 225 per person


- Local guide
- Local porter
- Tents
- Each one gets a sleeping bag
- Each one gets mattress
- Each get mineral water
- Cooking Equipment
- Toilet tent
- Trekking activity at mount Rinjani 2 days 1 nights
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb on Mount Rinjani
- 2 x transportation (Your Hotel - Sembalun, Sembalun Lawang - Mataram OR Senggigi areas)
- Entrance fee National Park Mount Rinjani

Not Include:

-Hotels room accommodation in Lombok
-Porters for bags for carrying personal expenses/items
-Tip & gratuities to guide & porter
-Personal travel insurance
-All costs is personal
-Head lamp /hand torch
-Small bag pack/daily pack
-Trekking shoes
-Trekking jacket
-Ticket airplane
-Long pants/trousers.


Our porter will carry food, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, tarpaulins and kitchen tools are included, the porters are all very fit bring all stuff to mount Rinjani each 20 kilos, and not include carrying your bag to the porter, When the guest are 2 people as climbers, we use 1 porters and 1 guide.

Do you need bring luggage assisted by porter during the ascent of Mount Rinjani?

If you want to bring luggage to the personal items to Mount Rinjani by our porter then there is extra porters, additional cost extra porter fee is IDR 175,000 per porter per day, resulting in pay during a hike on Mount Rinjani 2 DAYS, quotation during the ascent of Mount Rinjani to IDR 350.000 per one porter. Load fit on the shoulders of porters fix 20 kilos, yes .. porter will follow you during the ascent of Mount Rinjani, payment is made after climbing activities and paid directly to the porter

On the other luggage:

Preferably things that do not need to take it your bag to climb to Mount Rinjani like a snorkel, so items must be in packing before climb in the morning from your hotel. Your luggage will be stored securely in locked warehouses Lembah Rinjani Hotel, after arriving in Sembalun climbing activity, your luggage will be taken back by our coordinators. It's the usual things we do with our guests. 


Please, give us detailed information of a certainty your hotels name and name location hotels in Lombok also the hotel name after trekking mount Rinjani, please advise us the full name participants to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani.

To know the differences start to climb to Mount Rinjani as follows:

If you want to climb mount Rinjani from Sembalun Lawang, makes it easy to go to the Summit of Mount Rinjani. 
If you start to climb mount Rinjani from Senaru, Possible for a climber to summit Mount Rinjani, but it is not suitable for novice climbers / beginner climbers, because the mileage to the Summit of Mount Rinjani far enough.