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Accommodation in Sembalun Lawang & Senaru Senaru

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Sembalun Area Sembalun regions divided into two villages, i.e. the Sembalun regions Lawang Village and the village of Sembalun Bumbung as far apart as 2 km. traditional two villages the famous village has a lot of history about the Sasak people. The area looks like a lake dried up, turn into fertile soil. Find out more


Lembah Rinjani Hotel is a friendly place to stay overnight in the Valley of Mount Rinjani. Surrounded by traditional villages of the beautiful Sembalun Lawang and it's lush green mountainous areas around the slopes of Mount Rinjani mighty as the highest peak in the southern part. Find out more


Cool weather is very comfortable for overnight House which is set in the form of bungalows, there are fields of vegetables and beautiful garden with two large gazebo and a small one, it has 10 comfortable rooms and observe the private veranda and bathroom in each room. Room Lembah Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia Find out more